Interview with the resident DJ of Pacha Ibiza Taao Kross

His passion to music and work has given him to be one of the most sought after DJs on the circuit. He produces and presents his own radio show “BINOMIO” on the most popular radio station in Spain. He is proud of that has shared the cabin with International DJs like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Dj Snake and more others. Powerful sound full of energy combined with great melodies – with this he reached to touch the hearts of thousand listeners in all over the world.
ML&L – What and why were you inspired to start DJing and producing?

Taao Kross – My love for the music was the main reason to turn my life in this direction.

ML&L – Tell us a bit about your first songs and your first gig.

Taao Kross – My first performances were in the town where I lived, also in the next few days I will give a performance there in the same place, but this time it will be in front of thousands of people, all very different! I will never forget where I come from and where I am going.

ML&L – Who or what has influenced you most musically? What artists initially inspired?

Taao Kross – David Guetta, I think we, all of the electronic artists, could consider to him, our «father» and mentor on this job, I have a deep respect for David. Steve Aoki also for his strength behind the decks, I’ve shared many gigs with him and he’s a BIG professional and an amazing guy, I can never stop to mention to the guys that inspired me on the beginning of my journey also, Swedish House Mafia, they will always be alive in my heart!

ML&L – What is the best part of life as a deejay?

Taao Kross – No doubt, the love and respect of the public.

ML&L – What is the worst part about DJing?

Taao Kross – Probably being away from family much of the time.

ML&L – What are some of the key moments in your career that have elevated you to where you are today?

Taao Kross – No doubt there, when Miguel Pardo from Pacha gave me the opportunity to sign my contract with Pacha Agency, I will never forget that day.

ML&L – How do you prepare yourself for touring?

Taao Kross – I dedicate many hours working at home with new music, in the studio, I also try to have a normal life at home, rest when I can, eat healthy food, enjoy the company of my son and girlfriend.


ML&L – What would be your favorite live set?

Taao Kross -Actually, I’ve reached one of my biggest dreams already, playing for the Tomorrowland brand, at Unite in Malta last month. It was a dream to me to close the main stage after the incredible set of Dj Snake, so sick!

ML&L – What is the longest set that you have ever played, and where was it?

Taao Kross – Probably during a private events on Monaco, during Formula 1 there, around a 4h set, was really cool.

ML&L – How Ibiza influenced your style?

Taao Kross – Obviously it has influence on me and my sets, but I try to be my own self always, and not another dj that is playing the same music as every one else in Ibiza.

ML&L – Where do you find the best audiences?

Taao Kross – Not easy to answer! Some countries like Brazil, India, Italy, we work very good there, but I had very nice experience all around the world.

ML&L – How does a new project or collaboration come together?

Taao Kross – I’ve just launched my last track, «Untouchable», feat. Christina Novelli, I’m very proud of this work.

ML&L – Is there any story behind the track “Untouchable”?

Taao Kross – What happens on the studio, stay there 🙂 Joking, was a big honor to work with Christina, she’s an incredible singer!

ML&L – What advice would you give to any budding producer or DJ?

Taao Kross – Humility, Responsibility and be honest with your own self.

ML&L – What are you looking forward to touring this year?

Taao Kross – I never expect anything, I just do my best always and I hope the people enjoy my music everywhere.

ML&L – Any new music or exciting gigs?

Taao Kross – For Sure! We will launch exciting new things very soon, stay tuned to all my social media to keep up to date.

May.Life & Live – Thank you for lovely interview. May.Life & Live wishes you good luck with a Djing and production. Let the music never stopped!



Taao KROSS por primera vez en TOKIO “Esto​ ​es​ ​una​ ​carrera​ ​de​ ​fondo y​ ​resistencia, donde​ ​la​ ​intensidad​ ​es​ ​la​ ​esencia”.

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