Hi Taao, How is it going?

Very happy with everything that is happening, thank you very much!

What inspired you to become a DJ?

From a very young age I was always interested in music. At the age of 12 my parents bought me my first turntables, since then I have not stopped buying, researching and working with music.

You just released your new track ‘Untouchable’ featuring Christina Novelli, What’s the story of this song?

All about my life and my career helped to me to create this song.
I wanted to explore this face of my soul music, and i’m very proud with the results.

How was the reaction to your new single been so far?

It’s been received very well. It is very cool and invites you to dance and enjoy life, I’m very happy for all the feedback I receive every day.

What was the best thing ever that happened in your career?

Everything I have achieved so far, nothing has been easy and for all the effort it’s been wonderful.

What makes you so different from all the other DJ’s and Producers in the music scene?

I think that … the energy that I transmit in each show, the passion, … The careful musical selection in each set. Also that my dream gives me brutal strength every day.

The EDM scene has grown to become a big global industry now. Where do you see the future of dance music going over the next 5-10 years?

I see it evolving without stopping. We are many working on this every day, evolve sure. There Will be new styles, different but always with the essence of good house.

Is Ibiza still the epicenter for dance music around the world?

Without a doubt! Between June and September of each year, the best electronic artists of the world come together here. If that happens, it’s for something … Everyone wants to act here, everyone wants a party…

Who are some of your dance music heroes?

I would like to work with many but I’’3
David Guetta: For being a star I admire – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: By professional affinity – Avicii: For being so original musically

What does is coming in the future for Taao Kross?

10: Much to do, many to tell, much to produce, much to act …
Much remains of TAAO KROSS Thank you so much for everything friends!


Interview by CULTURE OF EDM: https://www.cultureofedm.com/interviews/taao-kross-from-a-very-young-age-i-was-always-interested-in-music

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