DMCWORLD checks in with a producer set for a massive 2018. Alongside his residential duties at David Guetta’s F**K ME I’M FAMOUS! parties, major tour dates around the world, Taao has already for the dancefloor rocking with a new release. We dive in…


You recently released ‘Evolet’ via Sirup Music. Could you talk through your inspiration behind this track?

I always try to transmit what I am inside and outside the booth with my music.. joy, passion, emotion, strength and energy are all components I try to convey in my tracks.

Your tour profile has also been huge over the past year, especially with being the resident for David Guetta’s F**K Me I’m Famous parties across Ibiza and beyond. What has been your personal highlight performance over the past year?

I have done more than 70 shows throughout the year and at a very high level. This year I have had many special tours, Brazil, Germany, Chile, Malta…

Looking forward into 2018, what gigs do you have lined up? Could you tell us what plans you have with the Pacha brand this year?

I have many shows already programmed, big festivals all over Europe and in Ibiza … it’s still early. I’m very happy for everything that is coming, we are going to improve everything from the year 2017.

What else does 2018 have in store in terms of new releases?

I intend to release a lot of great music. I am working hard every week in the studio to get that distinct and personal sound that I am working on. I’m sure I’ll surprise you, what’s coming is amazing. Music of great quality with the stamp TAAO KROSS…

With Ibiza being one of your hot spots for touring, what do you have planned on the Island in 2018, any parties you are particularly looking forward to?

Everything began in Ibiza and that is why every year is a turning point for me. I can’t wait to share what I’ll be doing this year in Ibiza. Soon everything will be revealed.

Could you name an artist who you think readers should be keeping an eye on in Ibiza this year?

I think that this year Sven Vath with the Cocoon party linked to Pacha will give a lot to talk about for Wednesday in Ibiza. Also without forgetting that every Thursday the big one of David Guetta bursts it. Although I think that not everything ends here … this year IBIZA keeps raising the bar.

Last year you achieved a multitude of success with highlight tracks such as ‘Untouchable’ featuring Christina Novelli on disco:wax. What was your experience like working with Christina, and how did you come into contact with the disco:wax imprint?

Very happy because with Christina I started to work more on the commercial part, more radio focused. Now this is working at a different level but in a similar line. She is a great artist and did a great job with her vocal. Be attentive to what is coming because it will surprise you.

Any other projects you’d like to mention that you’re working on at the moment?

I’m working on lots of new things in the studio which will surprise you. I’ve worked really hard to find my sound, and I think my fans will be surprised when they hear what I’ve been working on!


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